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Virtual Tour of Seorabol, Into the breath of Seorabol

  • Start the tour from Namsan Topgol (valley of pagodas in south mountain) where regular citizen of old Seorabol worshipped. The mountain is full of religious remnants worshipped by the common people. The scene fade out after close shot of the stone carving of Hwangryong pagoda. Hear, you can smell the aroma of pine tree.


  • Fade in the south river of Wulsung and crossing the Woljung Bridge into the Seorabol toward Wolsung Palace. Roofed Woljung bridge was just south of the main gate of Wulsung Palace.


  • Wolsung Palace was the heart of old Seorabul where the kings of Shilla dynasty resided for more than one thousand years.


  • After flying over the castle, the flying tour of the castle endded by landing on Anapji pond where the kings were rested. The audiance can control the movement of butterflies with their own controller.


  • After resting on the pond, the journey starts again with a big roaring sound to Hwangryong Temple with a pagoda that stool over 80 meters tall. Here, you can see the magnificent view of the city of Seorabol.


  • The search tour ends at Chumsung Observatory where the night sky was observed by the ancient shillans and fades out into the Sukkuram Grotto. From the dark theatre, the spot lights of the embossed carvings of Sukkuram Grotto Shrine that were secretely hung on the side wall of the theatre are turned on from the back to the front until the main buddha appears on the screen in front with a bang.


  • The tour ends with narration of Janja’s butterflies: is this tour a dream or real? Once again, audiance can interact with the butterflies.