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Project Title

Full Title : Development of Intelligent Tour Cloud Technology

Short Title : TourCloud


May. 1. 2012 ~ March 31. 2015 (3 Year Project)

Project Vision

1 Billion Travelers spent 1 Trillion dollars in 2013 and growing roughly 3-4% every year. What is this all about? Of course, it has big economic impact on jobs and local businesses. But more importantly, we as travelers meet people and their culture, life style and learn their stories now and past. Traveling affords us to understand each other. Through the mutual understanding, we may come to realize that we are living in a single world, a global village.

However, most travelers are greeted with "canned" experience that are commercially exploited. Only those like expatriots may make friends with locals and discover how locals live and learn their stories gradually but most travelers do not have time and resources for this enriched experience. With smart mobile phones and worldwide internet connectivity, we travelers finally have means to discover how locals live and learn their stories, enriching our travel experience.

TourCloud project is to restructure the web contents in terms of POI (Point of Interest) for tourism affording in-situ browsing and to help tourist navigating the local environment with augmented waypoints. A mobile smart devices with a connection to the TourCloud can guide and tell stories that enrich the tourists experience by logging their experience and later telling and sharing their stories with fellow tourists.

Project Summary

Concept of the TourCloud Project

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This research is supported by Ministry of culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) and Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), under the Culture Technology(CT) Research & Development Program 2012