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The Web environment is progressively moving beyond the desktop into new physical and social contexts. KIST has initated a new project in 2008 to prepare the emerging web environment, and called it a Tangible Web.

Main technical issues the project concerns works on tangible interactions, mirrored worlds and lifelog systems on the emerging web environment.

  • Tangible interaction pushes the user interface beyond the digital into the physical world. It includes graspable interfaces, physical computing, and interactive mixed reality.
  • Mirrored World focuses issues around seamless integration of virtual world and real world. Real world becomes more intelligient with sensor networks and smart objects everywhere, and the virtual world could be aligned on the real world with the real world scale. Location aware services can be implemented based on this world.
  • Lifelog system is based on the wearable devices of the user for the personal data logging as well as data rendering. Since these personal devices are interweaved with other users through web, uses can share thier expirences with each other in new dimension. Also, Lifelog system can archive temporal history information, context aware services based on this temporal information can be exploited

What's Tangible Web ?

The term “Tangible Web” refers to the Emerging Web with particular emphasis on the user experience in the real world.

  • Web with User Experience (Experience Web)
    • Context and Contents from user experience
    • Practical approach of the context-aware semantic web
  • Web with Tangible Interaction (Immersive Web)
    • Real-time information archiving and rendering for more immersive cyber space
    • Augmented, Mixed, Virtual reality with wearable devices
  • Web linked with the real world (Real World Web).
    • Seamless integration of Web with real world situations such as particular location, activity or user context in the real world.
    • Ubiquitous smart object and sensor networks

Benefits of Tangible Web

  • Web with Mobility (any location)
    • Anywhere and any time extension of the usability
    • New location based interaction method
    • Body-Scale interaction and experience
  • Freedom from devices: Wearable device
    • Real-time user and object tracking
    • Augmented rendering
    • Gesture or Action based interaction
  • Freedom from Real physical world
    • intelligent mirrored world
    • Real-time tele-information
    • Real-time tele-presence

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