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The Tangible Space Initiative (TSI) project, a multi-campus international research program funded by KIST , had beed pursued for 7 years starting from year 2000 to study the next-generation interaction spaces.

Previously, human computer interaction (HCI) issues in ubiquitous or pervasive computing and virtual and augmented reality were addressed largely in separate research communities. Given major advancements and increased maturity within the individual research areas, it appears fruitful to combined these approaches within a unifying perspective toward the next-generation interaction space.

We have identified three components that form mutually cooperative but distinct areas in TSI:

  • Tangible Interface (TI) mainly provides the interface between the human and the cyberspace. TI has been a major focus of VR/AR research
  • Responsive Cyber Space (RCS) is a virtual space that is responsive to user situation and intentions. RCS has been a main focus of research in simulated environments and artificial intelligence.
  • Tangible Agents (TA) are physical agents that can perform physical interaction on behalf of the cyberspace. TA has been a main focus of the robotics, graphics, and vision fields.

TSI (Tangible Tele-meeting) Concept


Related papers

  • Intelligent 3D Video Avatar for Immersive Telecommunication,Sang-Yup Lee, Ig-Jae Kim, Sang Chul Ahn, Myo-Taeg Lim and Hyoung-Gon Kim, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 3809, December, 2005, pp. 726-735.

TSI (Immersive Tangible Experience) Concept

Immersive Tangible Experience (ITE) in TSI focussed on immersive exploration of tangible space (both virtual and physical) with haptic feedback. In the following, one person located in immersive tangible experience space surrounded by four screens (CAVE-like) with haptic feedback by SPIDAR that is collocated within the CAVE environment. The virtual lego house is a virtual replica of the physical lego house that is seen by head-mounted display (HMD) and sees the virtual video avatar augmented on physical LEGO house floor.

Virtual Lego House in CAVE-like Environment Physical Lego House in AR Environment Virtual Video Avatar on Physical Lego Floor
VR-Lego.jpg AR-Lego.jpg Mixed-Lego.jpg

TSI Workshops

TSI workshops have been held four times in the related international conferences:

  • TSI2002 held in conjunction with 8th VSMM, Virtual Systems and Multimedia (September 25-27, 2002),
  • TSI2004 held in conjunction with 14th ICAT, International Conference on Artificial Reality and Teleexistence (November 30 – December 2, 2004),
  • TSI 2006 held in conjunction with 4th International Conference on Pervasive Computing (May 7-10, 2006).
  • TSI 2007 held in conjunction with 6th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 2007) in Nara, Japan