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As robots are used to various applications, it requires that robots have more functionalities than ever before. In turn, this makes robot systems to be more and more complicated. Thus, development of a robot is not trivial any more. It needs more systematic development and integration methodology. Middleware is at the core of systematic development and integration methodology, and it has become one of the key components for robot development.

We are working on development of OPRoS (Open Platform for Robotics Services). The OPRoS project is introduced at, where OPRoS software can be downloaded.
Especially, we focus on UPnP based robot middleware, which is called "UPnP+", and robot S/W framework based on UPNP+.


The UPnP(Universal Plug and Play) architecture offers pervasive peer-to-peer network connectivity of PCs, intelligent appliances, and wireless devices. The UPnP architecture is a distributed, open networking architecture that leverages TCP/IP and the Web to enable seamless proximity networking in addition to control and data transfer among networked devices. It was originally developed by Microsoft, and now is being upgraded by UPnP forum( ...
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UPnP+ : UPnP based Robot Middleware

UPnP+ is a UPnP library based on pupnp (, previously known as libupnp.
It provides additional features such as

  • combination of control point and device
  • support of complex data type(arrays, struct)
  • enabling multiple devices and control points
  • large binary data transfer by MTOM technology
  • single event capability

which facilitates easy development of UPnP component software.

Advantages of UPnP based Robot Middleware

The UPnP architecture supports zero-configuration networking and automatic discovery whereby a device can dynamically join a network. A device can also leave a network smoothly and automatically without leaving any unwanted state information behind 3 out of 6 UPnP operations (Addressing, Discovery, Description) take charge of automatic discovery and zero-configuration...
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UPnP SDK and Tools

  • UPnP+ Builder
    • The UPnP+ Builder is a tool for generating template codes of UPnP+(UPnP_Plus) Device. UPnP+ Device is compatible with UPnP Device, and has several more functions.
    • It supports Windows and Linux.
    • download
    • Getting Started
  • UPnP+ General Control Point
    • General Control Point of the extended UPnP, called UPnP+(UPnP_Plus)
    • It supports Windows and Linux.
    • download
  • UPnP+ Device Spy
    • The UPnP+ Device Spy is an easy-to-use UPnP utility, which lists UPnP devices on the network and enables to control them.
    • It supports Windows and Linux.
    • download


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