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Personal LifeLog system

Personal lifelog system can provide a "cognitive Assistants" to users by organizing their activities automatically from logs data to e-chronicles.

  • Records events using multiple wearable sensors
  • Provides access to these data at multiple levels of granularity and abstraction, using access mechanism based on the episodic memory of human beings.

Lifelog overview.JPG

System architecture

Personal lifelog system consists of lifelog server system and personal lifelog client system. lifelog1.jpg


Lifelog Live Demo [1]

Technical issues

Technical issues include

  • sensor fusion for the automatic meta-data generation.
  • organize the meta-data for the easy access of the stored logging data.
  • High-level data abstraction and representation
  • Web-based Lifelog media server for the handling of the temporal-spatial data.

Multimodal sensor fusion system for the automatic meta-data generation


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