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The DHX project aims to establish a networked virtual reality infrastructure and content development for museums and cyber theatres for mutual exchange of digital cultural and natural heritage. European and Asian partners are participating for transcontinental shared immersive experience in a global scale using high bandwidth trans Euro-Asian networks.

The objectives are as follows:

- providing a distributed IT infrastructure for globally shared immersive experience;

- improving the authoring tools for digital storytelling by computer vision methods in cultural and natural heritage;

- developing distributed cultural heritage experiences as next generation of digital collections;

- accessing existing multi media knowledge bases and digital libraries for detailed information and education;

- presentation and demonstration of human heritage to large scale networked audience for interactive exploration, edutainment and education;

- launching new business areas for cultural heritage exhange.

3D Cyber Museum Service and DHX


DHX Consortium


Virtual Heritage

External Links

  • DHX : EU IST Digital Heritage Exchange Project