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Welcome to KIST Imaging Media Research Center (IMRC) Wiki.


Imaging Media Research Center (영상미디어연구센터)


Imaging Media Research Center (IMRC) at KIST was established in 1997 to conduct next generation media research of the 21st century. Major research areas include:

  • Virtual and Mixed Reality (VR & MR) Platform
  • Ubiquitous Tangible Interaction
  • Tele-Immersive Technology
  • Social Media Platform Technology
  • Immersive stereo display
  • Electro-magnetic Reality Sensing Technology
  • Virtual machine and Compiler optimization Technology

As the most notable achivement of the center, it has pioneered the world’s largest Virtual Reality Theater accommodating 651 audiences for Kyungju World Culture EXPO 2000 and the the VR contents called "Into the breath of Seorabol" was shown to more than 1.7 million people.

We have launched Tangible Space Initiative (TSI) seeking seamless interactions in virtual, physical or augmented environments where the user may view virtual object image intermixed with the video capturing the physical environment. Furthermore, a robotic agent sensing and actuating in physical environment on behalf of human as well as a virtual or software agent.

As a next phase of TSI, we continue our research on Tangible Web with recent application to sports cheering system as a form of social media. While tangible space has been focused on a single person interaction space, the project scope has widened and focused to incorporate human to human interactions in social media. Web as a social media has seen an intense development in social network recently but web as a tangible interaction space like Tangible Web has received less attention. Most recently, we have launced Social Media Platform to extend our work in Tangible Web into a platform.

The center has been active in attracting international conferences like VRST 2000, VSMM 2002, ICAT 2004, and ISMAR 2010 as well as recent series of Korea-Japan Mixed Reality (KJMR) workshops.


We have one paper accepted at IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2015 which will be held at Boston, Massachusetts during June 7th – 12th, 2015.

  • Junhwa Hur, Hwasup Lim, Changsoo Park and Sang Chul Ahn, "Generalized Deformable Spatial Pyramid: Geometry-Preserving Dense Correspondence Estimation" [1]

IMRC on Media


  • MBC "'나이먹는 3D 몽타주' 최초 개발…미제-실종 사건에 도입 검토" [2] 2014.04.08
  • MBC 내일 ON 가상현실 인터뷰 (04:53~05:12) [3] 2014.04.06
  • Arirang TV (30:25~) [4] 2014.02.21
  • MBC "IT 융합 시대…'자동차도 가전제품'" 3'31" ~ 3'42" [5] 2014.01.08


  • 한겨레 "'오감 만족' 실감 미디어시대가 온다" [6] 2013.12.09
  • YTN "연구소로 간 예술가...융합은 이런 것" [7], wmv file [8] 2013.12.08
  • MBC "'오심'막는 3D 판독의 과학…자칫 경기 맥 끊길수도" 1'33" ~ 1'44" [9] 2013.08.26
  • Arirang TV "More Real than the Real World: Augmented Reality" 18'28" ~ 25'42" [10] 2013.04.27
  • 한국경제 "안상철 KIST 영상미디어센터장 "목격자 진술로 3D 몽타주 제작"" [11] 2013.04.24
  • 서울신문 "증강현실… 보이는 것 이상, 보고 싶은 것이 펼쳐진다" [12] 2013.04.02


  • KISTORY "첨단 과학기술 접목하니 박물관이 살아 움직인다" [13] 2012.12.11
  • 매일경제 "만져질 듯한 조선왕실 사람들" [14] 2012.08.01
  • 한국일보 "태블릿 갖다대니 창덕궁서 왕이 산책을", [15] 2012.07.31
  • 디지털타임즈 "증강현실로 읽는 동궐도" [16] 2012.07.30

Current Projects


Realtime Physics Simulation AR LEGO House - Simulated Ubiquitous Environment Electro-Magnetic Wave Imaging
VP.jpg ARLEGO.jpg EMI.jpg
Personal Life Log Real-Time Interactive 4D+ Mirror World Multi-focus 3D Display System
LifeLog.jpg mirrorworld.jpg MultiFocus.jpg
Performance-oriented Virtual Machine Mobile Augmented Reality Tour Tangible Sports System
PVM.jpg Concept.jpg TSS.png

Past Projects

Research Infrastructure


  • KIST MR Seminar 2009 [17]
  • KIST MR Seminar 2010 [18]
  • KIST MR Seminar 2011 [19]
  • KIST MR Seminar 2011-1 [20]
  • KIST MR Seminar 2012 [21]

External References